Welcome to the fight!

Back in 2009, i made a pledge to try and swim the channel in aid of neurological wellbeing, this site is a diary of my attempt to complete that pledge....

Most challenges have a story and mine is no different, back in 2006 my mother, Pat Capp was diagnosed with relapsing, remitting Transverse Myelitis. Having spent over 30 years of her career teaching people (including me and my 2 siblings) to swim, i thought that this would be my way of giving something back, but also to try and raise some money to try and fight this currently unstoppable disease.

What we need to do

Raise over £100,000 for the sequela foundation


Please help setup a neurological centre in East Berkshire. For people with any Neurological condition, including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, Dementia, Strokes, Epilepsy and more...

MS Society

Donate to my challenge for the Sequela Foundation

Amazing Stories

21.09.2011£3025 so far...

Thank you so much for those that have donated so far, it is very much appreciated. Please get involved and help us reach our £100,000 target

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11.08.20111.5 Miles in under an hour

amazingly only 3 weeks into traning i have managed to swim 1.5 miles in open water in under an hour, feel really confident but got a long way to go...

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08.08.2011Cold Water

Just measured the temperateure of the water at dorney relief and it is about 16 deg C

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